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Minds Shine Bright short story commendation 2022.

Minds Shine Bright short story commendation 2022.


This was an exciting discovery in my inbox. A certificate for reaching the long list of the 5000 word short competition for Minds Shine Bright International Writing Competition 2022.

Hi Joni,

Congratulations, your short story ‘Tu be or not Tu be’ progressed to the next stage of the Minds Shine Bright judging process.


What this means

  1. You are currently under consideration for the short list
  2. If your entry is selected for the short list you will be advised from next week and contact will be made to start formalizing the process of publication in the Minds Shine Bright Confidence Anthology
  3. If your entry is not short listed you will be contacted from next week and your entry will receive a special mention in a long list that will be printed online once the shortlist and winners have been announced
  4. Celebratory events will be held in July or August to formally announce the winners and to launch the Minds Shine Bright anthology Confidence


Thank you so much for your tremendous efforts.  Each piece gave us great joy to read and to get to this stage means that your entry was of a very high calibre. We wish you all the best for your writing future and look forward to reading more of your work and hearing about your successes.


With almost 500 entries submitted it was a true celebration of the theme of confidence. Many elements of confidence were explored, and some of these will come together in the first Confidence anthology.


We will continue to study confidence in fiction over time and our next Confidence writing competition will start in September. As well as announcing winners and launching the Confidence anthology we will also be running our first mini competition from June, which will be designed to highlight the work of a small set of writers. We will be announcing  the theme for it soon.


With such a big field of entrants and a great deal of talented writing it was hard to stand out in the field. Some of the characteristics of the leading entries include: examining the theme of confidence on several levels; scoring strongly across all of our judging criteria but having one or two criteria where entrants really shone, such as strong characters, a strong sense of place, focused energy and flow or deep resonance.


In addition to our formal awards to celebrate our first year of competition we will be sending out gifts of recognition to twenty writers.


Thank you so much for your participation.


Kind Regards


Amanda Scotney


Minds Shine Bright

Joni Scott is an Australian author with four published novels: Whispers through Time, The Last Hotel, Colour Comes to Tangles and Time, Heal my Heart. Joni has her own website; https://joniscottauthor.com.


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