Colour comes to Tangles

Colour comes to Tangles

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What is this book about?

Answer is Colour, love, India, Australia, embracing life! My philosophy in a nutshell. But read on for more detail…(sorry but I am Australian and colour has a ‘u’)

Tangles is a hair salon on Buderim Mountain, Queensland, Australia and Tanya, the owner and sole hairdresser. With an ex stalking her and a girlfriend missing, Tanya considers her life complicated enough. But then colour comes to Tangles in the form of exotic Vidisha, a colour therapist who takes tenancy upstairs. Tanya seeks therapy and becomes entangled in Vidisha’s world. Tanya ’s life will never be the same again. It spirals out of control in a swirl of colour.

From tropical Queensland, the story shifts to rural Australia and then to colourful India. Tanya and her friend, Josie not only encounter conflict but face decisions that alter their lives forever. Accompanied by a cast of zany characters and small animals, Colour Comes to Tangles is a contemporary mystery romance infused with insights into modern marriage and its issues. A book for any woman who has ever wanted to escape.

Available as paperback and e book and on Kindle Unlimited. Colour comes to Tangles click here.

5.0 out of 5 stars Joni Scott has done it again!

I have loved Joni Scott since the first time I read her works. She has a wonderful way of weaving a story together and keeping you hooked. I absolutely recommend this book as it was very well written, poignant, humorous and lighthearted. This is a wonderful book. Thank you, Joni. “

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